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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sierra Nevad Southern Hemisphere Harvest

Gentlemen, start your engines! (Ladies too) This is not your father's brew, and perhaps not your son's. I absolutely love the seasonal harvest beers from Sierra Nevada! I think a blog about this brewery is a must so stay tuned. Hops from New Zealand that are harvested, dried, and whiskcd off to Chico, CA to be turned into a fantastic beer. ABV is 6.5% making this a very drinkable beer on a hot sunny south Texas day. The beer decants well producing a thick head that gradually disappears but leaves residual lace down the glass. Transparent amber in color and with the unmistakable hoppy aroma, the beer is sure to quench you thirst. At $5.99 per bottle (retail) for a 20oz. btl, who can complain! My recommendation is to buy as many as you can while they last and save one or two or more to compare with the Northern Hemisphere Harvest and the Estate Harvest that will appear later this year.

NOTE: The opinions expressed are mine only and I am not sponsored by any brewery or retail store. My goal is for you to see what I am drinking and if you want to try my recommendations. If you do, let me hear back from you to see what you think.

Cheers, fellow beeer enthusiasts.

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